Save-A-Tooth ®

In much more a tooth should be estimated than a diamond Don Quixote

In order to improve the dental health of the community, Dr. Simón Pardinas López along with all Pardiñas Clinic team donate to schools, local hospitals and sports teams the system Save-A-Tooth ®, an emergency device new in Spain to preserve knocked out teeth.

Until now, this devices were available only in the United States, but the team at Clínica Dental Pardiñas has undergone through the difficult task of acquiring them so they can be distributed freely among the local community of Galicia for the first time in Spain.

The Big Picture: Saving Teeth Saves Smiles

Knocking out a tooth is a big deal, if you aren´t prepared to save a tooth you are at risk for a lifetime of dental trouble an expense. Keeping Save-A-Tooth® in your first aid kit will cover you against the loss of knocked out tooth.

It Can Happen Aywhere

Anywhere there is a potential to fall down, there is a risk to knock out a tooth. Thousands of teeth are knocked out anually. Over our 26 years in service, we have heard of every kind of situations you can imagine: Knocking out a tooth while changing a tire, opening doors, pulling item form high places at the supermarket, along with a multitude of other sports and activities.

It Can Happen Aywhere

From the moment the a tooth is knocked out the clock is ticking. A tooth will begin to die within 15 minutes of the accident. Every minute that passes means a percentage of success has ben subtracted to the tooth´s survival. After 1 hour the tooth will be unsalvageable. Putting a tooh in Save-A-Tooth® has been clinically shown to provide 90% success following reimplantation. Save-A-Tooth® will keep the tooth at 90% for up to 24 hours.

Design Is Half The Battle

Having a great storage medium is only half the battle.The root of a tooth is fragile. If not handled properly, the damage is irreversible no matter how good the solution is. Save-A-Tooth® was designed for cradle the tooth during transport, separate the tooth from dirt and debris, and allow the teeth to be easily removed by a dentist, all without doing any damage to the delicate tooth root cells.

Save-A-Tooth® thas the highest success rate of any method for preserving knocked out teeth. Over 91% of all cases were replanted successfully. The chances of saving teeth without Save-A-Tooth® are 10% or less.


Schools cannot afford to be without Save-A-Tooth®. With over 5 million reported cases of knocket out teeth occurring in the United States, kids are at a great risk of having a dental emergency.

Chilren under the age of 18 are restricted for permanent implants. Meaning they must go toothless or get a denture. Dentures are both costly and unsightly.

Get your smile back in 3 Easy Steps:

A tooth gets knocked out:

    1. Put the tooth inSave-A-Tooth® (Safe for 24 h)
    2. Your dentist safely removes the tooth.
    3. Your dentist replants the tooth.

Your smile is back!

Good for the Community

Save-A-Tooth® is a product needed by every sports team, school and hospital in the world. Save-A-Tooth® has a 2 year shelf life. It is the only tooth preserving system approved for sale by the “Food and Drug Administration” and backed by the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. Save-A-Tooth® has a 100% satisfaction rating over the course of their 26 year history. You can be sure thatSave-A-Tooth® will bring bring value and comfort to our community.

Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas cares about the problems and trauma that avulsed teeth can cause. That is why our clinic launches a new campaign in Spain, providing Save-A-Tooth for free to schools, sports centers and local hospitals to ensure our community is ready. All you need to do is pick up the tooth, bring it to the Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas within the first 24 hours and we can save your smile!

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